Thursday, April 15, 2010

BookMark Button : Unleash the Power of Social Sharing!!

BM Button (BM stands for BookMark) is a great FREE solution for those folks, who wish to be promoted by their visitors to a multitude of bookmarking, sharing and social news sites. It makes it so much easier to submit the pages from your site! But it is not the only benefit of having a bookmark button within your texts. One can also run some advanced reporting to analyze visitors’ responses to his or her content.

BM Button Stats

Ever wondered which pages are shared or bookmarked by your visitors? Do you want to know the users of which bookmarking services are the most active at your site? Then use the button script from and find the answers for your questions.

  • Analyze comprehensive data for all of your sites just in one place (one account for multiple sites).

  • Learn the behavior of your visitors to understand how to write content that will be shared in the future.

  • Run reports for custom periods of time, separating different stages of site evolution.

  • See quick stats for any of your site with a one-click profile view.

  • BM Button Plugin for WordPress

    If you run a self hosted WordPress blog, check out the BM Button plugin for WP - available to download as soon as you register your free account. This BM Button plugin will automatically insert a button into every post of your blog and will give you a 7-day button use stats right from your dashboard.


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