Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Blogger Tips : Create Newsletter for your Blogger Blog

Newsletter is a good option when you want to send custom mails to your blog readers. It lets you send content rich HTML emails to your readers.Its not like the Feedburner Email Subscription(which just sends post updates via email at regular intervals) .You will be able to compose and send the newsletter at any time. Here are the steps to enable and send Newsletters.

1. Go to and login there
2.Click on your Blog Name from the Left Pane.(If your blog is not already there, then add it)
3.Click on the Send a newsletter Option
4. Click the check box which says “Ask visitors to subscribe immediately after their first sign-in". After that Click on the Newsletter Gadget Tab.
5.Customize the Colors and other Options and Click on the Generate Code Button and Copy the Code from there.
6.You need to add this Code to your website. If you are using blogger, then Go to the Layout > Page Elements and Click on the Add a Gadget Link
Opt for HTML/JavaScript Gadget
and paste the copied Code into the Box Which appears and Save the Gadget
7.Now your blog readers will be able to subscribe to your Newsletters.
When you have enough subscribers, you can Compose the Newsletter from the Compose newsletters tab ,When you are done with creating the newsletter, Click on the Preview and send newsletter button and Click on the Send newsletter button from the popup preview window. you can see how many recipients will receive the newsletter.(In my case it is Total recipients : 539 as shown in the screenshot)
Newsletter subscription is just one of the different Friend Connect Gadgets. There are many more on the Friend Connect Website.You can read about them  at Some friend Connect Gadgets that you might not know about. Good luck..


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