Thursday, March 25, 2010

How to Move Hosting to Another Server

This is to answer the request of one of my friends who want to move blogs because blogs can not be opened. I suggest to move to a paid hosting. This tutorial specifically to move WordPress blog from one server to another server. Well, actually tricky to move the contents of our blog to another hostingan. Not impossible, just will take time and effort:) Here's how:

Step 1

Remember that you use CMS on the blog to be moved. If CMSnya use Wordpress, make sure you install wordpress on the new server. If you use Joomla, Joomla install as well as for mamboo, etc.. Install CMS can use Fantastico feature in our new server .. Do not forget to create a new database on the server. Look for the menu to create a new database on your hosting account, because not all web hosting database creation menu is the same. All you need to note from the new databases are: Database name, database user, database password, database hostname.

Step 2

Download the file to your blog on the old server using FTP Client software like Cute FTP, FileZilla, Total Commander (I use Ultima Prime Version 3.2), etc.. Save on your computer. We will file line is all the files in the Root folder of our blog. Make our downloaded file as a backup to rename the file name and save it in another folder for files in the folder will be in the edit and sent to the new server.

Step 3

Know your Blog database, and do Import. How can use PHPMyAdmin (MySQL> phpMyAdmin, click the Export link) or via the menu in Cpanel Backup the old blog. If Backup via Cpanel menu, more easily. But I am more inclined to use PhpMyAdmin method. After click Export, select Database and content are Save As with any file, click the type kompressi (recommended select zipped) and click Go to Process Export.

Step 4

Open the database file export results (step 3) with the notepad. If the file in zip form please extracted first, if the text looks a mess trying to text inserted into microsoft word first. Then look for writing CREATE DATABASE (use find) if you see writing like this: CREATE DATABASE `namadatabase` DEFAULT CHARACTER SET latin1 COLLATE latin1_swedish_ci; USE R `username 'should be removed, no CREATE DATABASE command on the database file to be imported. Save the edited file is.

Step 5

Going to the new Cpanel server and go to menu PHPMyAdmin (MySQL> phpMyAdmin). Import database files that are edited on the new server. Remember, edit the appropriate command above 4 steps!

Step 6

Log into the downloaded folder from the old server (step 2), locate the file wp-config.php. Edit the appropriate data in the new database (step 1 - Database name, database user, database password, database hostname.

Step 7

Change the address of Nameserver (DNS) of our blog. We must change the domain nameserver nameserver us to our new hosting. Use the Domain Name Cpanel section. Remember, change of control takes approximately 24-48 hours.

Step 8

Replace the files in the root of a new blog with the old blog root file after editing (step 6). If the server including the server busy, you can upload one by one. It took it: (Usually free hostingan server very busy.

Step 9

Finished ... Blog your already on the new server ..


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