Thursday, March 25, 2010

About Spam's Blogspot

We have often heard that blogspot blogs are spam easily, and whether we should give up with blogspot? I think to not give up, if you look on google many users of blogger or blogspot successful, but when viewed in terms of domain name servers and get everything in the alias free without paying the slightest.

Why blogspot is easy to be spam?

The answer is very easy, bloggers are free facilities and in the shadow of Google, all activities will be monitored regularly by the google, but if viewed blogger server uptime capability can reach one hundred percent (100%). Could dibaningkan with hosting paid in one month can sometimes be up to fifty thousand, never in blogspot we can get this facility free of charge.

The reason is considered spam
Experience is the most valuable teacher, my first ever posts a day is often more than once when a blogger is not happy with the name spam!! well that's why blogs mastegar get a result, hopefully to the future mastegar no longer be considered spam by google, amien!!


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